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Lezly Kaye

Welcome to Grounded Leadership

A place where traditional business strategies meet holistic wisdom to empower individuals and organisations on their transformative journey.

Led by Lezly Kaye, an experienced business leader and holistic practitioner, our mission is to guide you towards sustainable growth, authentic leadership, and overall well-being.

At Grounded Leadership, we understand the demands and challenges that leaders and organisations face in today's fast-paced world. That's why we believe in a unique blend of traditional business training and holistic education to create a truly comprehensive approach to success.

Lezly Kaye, the driving force behind Grounded Leadership, brings over 12 years of experience in recruitment, people management, team structure, and high-performance coaching. She has honed her expertise through qualifications from the Australian Institute of Management, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These traditional business foundations have equipped her with a deep understanding of strategic advisory, leadership development, and organisational dynamics.

But what sets Lezly and Grounded Leadership apart is her holistic approach. Lezly's journey led her to explore various holistic modalities such as breathwork, plant medicine, and hypnotherapy and energetics, which have greatly influenced her perspective on personal growth and organisational transformation. She firmly believes that sustainable success goes hand in hand with holistic well-being, and she has witnessed the profound impact it can have on individuals and teams.

Central to Grounded Leadership's approach is The Self Responsibility CodeTM A bespoke program developed by Lezly herself.
This program guides individuals and organisations to take ownership of their actions, decisions, and outcomes, empowering them to create lasting change.

By integrating strategic advisory with holistic practices, Grounded Leadership helps you unlock your true potential, build high-performing teams, and achieve greater balance and fulfilment in all areas of life.

Grounded Leadership serves a diverse range of clients, from entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to grow their teams and businesses, to corporations seeking a holistic approach to executive team transformation.

Regardless of the context, we are deeply committed to creating a culture of trust, collaboration, and well-being within organisations.
We believe that true transformation starts with leaders, and by supporting them, we can cultivate environments where employees can thrive and contribute their best.

One that integrates traditional business acumen with holistic practices—Grounded Leadership is here to guide you.

If you're seeking a path to success...

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where we weave together the worlds of strategic expertise and holistic wisdom to help you achieve sustained growth, authentic leadership, and overall well-being.

Reach out to us today, and let's embark on a journey of transformation together.